San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators (SFBAE) Celebrate “EVAL-entine’s” Day


It started a few years back when some evaluators jokingly suggested there should be a national holiday to honor evaluation. Well, that sounded like a pretty good idea to me, so last year I invented a holiday—EVALentine’s Day—that is celebrated throughout the month of February.

A day (February 15) celebrated for an entire month? Think of it like a jubilee year for the Queen.

EVALentine’s Day is an excuse to share your love of evaluation with colleagues, introduce evaluation to those who are unfamiliar with it, and connect with evaluators in your area.

That’s exactly what the members and friends of San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators (SFBAE) did at their recent EVALentine’s Day meet up in Berkeley, California. SFBAE is a local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association. Why not find a local affiliate near you and share the love?

If you live in San Francisco, the East Bay, the South Bay, Marin, Sacramento, or neighboring areas, visit or our new LinkedIn group page to learn about upcoming events.

Hope to see you there.



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3 responses to “San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators (SFBAE) Celebrate “EVAL-entine’s” Day

  1. What a wonderful idea, John. I’m going to borrow it for next year–any excuse is a good excuse for a party in the winter in Oregon. Thanks.

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