A National Holiday and US Postage Stamp for Evaluation

Evaluation is an invisible giant, a profession that impacts society on a grand scale yet remains unseen.  I want to change that.  But what can one person do to raise awareness about evaluation?

Go big.  And you can help.

A National Evaluation Holiday:  With the power vested in me by the greeting card industry, I am declaring…

February 15 is EVALentine’s Day!

This is a day when people around the world share their love of evaluation with each other.  Send a card, an email, or a copy of Guiding Principles for Evaluators to those near and dear, far and wide, internal and external.  Get the word out.  If the idea catches on, imagine how much exposure evaluation would receive.

A US Postage Stamp:  With the power vested in me by stamps.com, I have issued a US postage stamp for EVALentine’s Day.  Other holidays get stamps, why not ours?  The stamp I designed is based on the famous 1973 Valentine’s Day love stamp by Robert Indiana.  Now you can show your love of evaluation on the outside of an EVALentine card as well as the inside.

Here is the best part.

To kickoff EVALentine’s day, I will send an EVALentine’s card and a ready-to-use EVAL stamp to anyone, anywhere in the world.  For free.  Really.

Here is what you need to do.

(1) Visit the Gargani + Company website in the month of February.

(2) Click the Contact link in the upper right corner of the homepage.

(3) Send an email with EVALENTINE in the subject line and a SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS in the body.

(4) NOTE:  This offer is only valid for emails received during the month of February, 2012.

Don’t be left out on EVALentines day.  Drop me an email and get the word out!


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13 responses to “A National Holiday and US Postage Stamp for Evaluation

  1. Can we order stamps? I already have my super-awesome pre-EVALentine’s card (I feel VERY special), and would love to order a page of those super-awesome stamps for stamping super-awesome notes.

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  3. Love this! Keep your blog posts coming. I worked for Mark Duerr in evaluation in California for about 13 years. Nice to be connected with colleagues from my old home state.

  4. Isabelle Bourgeois

    This is such a great idea, John! I remember a similar movement on EvalTalk a few years ago, where some folks wanted an official national evaluation day. I’m definitely sending around Evalentine’s day cards on February 15th!

  5. Great idea. Let us know how we can order!

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  7. mocochran

    I’m new to this blog, was just browsing through some old posts. This is awesome and very funny 🙂 I’ll be on the look-out for good eval cards until next year!

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